100% of green energy charges guaranteed with the Chargemap Pass

What is the interest of charging your "zero emission" vehicle if the electricity used comes from polluting means of production ?

At Chargemap, we think that every electric vehicle must be charged with green energy.

For this, we are committed to inject 100% guaranteed energy from solar and wind for all charges made with a Chargemap Pass.

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How it works?

We commit to re-inject the equivalent of the total energy consumed by Chargemap Pass users into green energy.

For this, we rely on guarantees of origin, a centralized and transparent system that certifies the source of energy on a European scale.

50% wind. 50% solar. 100% green.

By choosing European wind and solar power plants, we favor the types of electricity production that have the smallest impact on the environment and air quality.

A virtuous circle

1. Each renewable energy production center produces guarantees of origin, that attest to the amount of renewable energy it has injected into the electricity grid.

2. Chargemap acquires original warranties covering all refills made with the Chargemap Pass. This ensures that the equivalent of the energy consumed has been injected into the grid as green energy.

3. The more drivers consume guaranteed energy, the more producers are encouraged to produce renewable energy.

Our partners

Chargemap relies on the advice and expertise of ES and Powernext companies for the acquisition of its Guarantees of Origin.

You finally have a simple way to act for the environment

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  • Thousands of compatible charging stations all over Europe
  • 100% of green energy on each charge
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  • Green energy guaranteed on each charge,
  • also on free stations


Stations of my favourite network are already supplied by green energy. How does it work?

Chargemap pays to convert every charge to green energy.

Does it also work for free charges?

Even free or paying charges made with the Chargemap Pass benefit green energy.

Other questions relating to guarantees of origin?

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